AS Membrane


SIKA-R...AS is a high porous ASymmetrically designed metallic membrane. The thin layer giving the filter its performance is coated on a coarser SIKA-R support structure. Metal membranes can be manufactured to all dimensions from SIKA-R...AX and SIKA-R...IS. The membrane's two functions, strength and particle retention, are separated from each other – leading to a new type of filter. The coarser support material renders the mechanical stability without increasing the pressure drop of the filter system considerably. This filter-active membrane was developed as a surface filter and allows pore sizes from 0.1 µm to 3 µm. The thin coating is connected to the support structure by sintering.

SIKA-R...AS qualities differ from the known properties of SIKA-R materials in the following points

Special Properties

►Up to 4 times higher flow rate

►Surface filtration

►Improved backflushing performance

►Longer service life in process

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